Trading Strategy Based on Feng Shui

Trading Strategy Based on Feng Shui

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Trading Strategy Based on Feng Shui.

A financial research institute from Hong Kong named CLSA has published a Feng Shui legend every year since Feng Shui Index for the Hang Seng stock market based on the relevant year fate map and the birth date of the Hang Seng Index (November 24, 1969, Earth Rooster). That said, this index is quite in demand, until CLSA held a forum of investors who moved locations, from China, Japan, to India.

What's in this Feng Shui legend? Not a matter of where the right laptop position when trading. Also do not mention about what luck objects need to be held while open buy.
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Based on the small parts that we can look at, the contents are related to how the market's performance predicts every month and which sectors will perform well in certain months. For example, on the Feng Shui Index 2017, CLSA predicts sectors related to earth elements, such as the property industry, natural resources, and renewable energy, will show their potential in the third quarter.
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The prestige of the Feng Shui Index is quite high, because CLSA has successfully won numerous awards, including Thomson Reuters The StarMine Analyst Awards 2015. Unfortunately, the index only covers the stock market. In this legend it seems that there is no mention of the fate of US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen and Rupiah.
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